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Ford Multi-Point Inspection Service

When looking at a used vehicle, there is always the question of what underlying condition issues may be lurking around unseen. The same holds true with your existing vehicle. While we are diligent about getting the oil changed and paying some attention to the wear patterns on the tires, every unusual noise may cause you to question the "health" and potential longevity of your vehicle. These are scenarios where the multi-point inspection can help shed some light. In Columbus, OH, the Germain Ford of Columbus service department can give you a clearer understanding of not only the current condition of your car or truck but areas that you need to pay closer attention to. 


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What is a Multi-Point Inspection?

During a multi-point inspection, a certified technician will examine the entire vehicle and its systems.  Initially, they will do a visual inspection of the engine, lights and tires. This is followed by a more thorough examination and testing of the engine and the vehicle's systems. This level of inspection is recommended by most manufacturers every 10-15,000 miles. The technicians will cover the following areas:

  • Oil - The technician will look at the oil level, as well as, the condition of the oil and oil filter. 
  • Tires - The tires will be examined for uneven wear patterns that could point to misalignment and balance issues. They will also ensure that they are properly inflated.
  • Fluids - The levels and quality of all the vehicle's fluids will be looked at including coolant, and brake fluid.
  • Battery - The battery condition will be checked.  All connections will be tested to ensure that they are secure and free of corrosion.
  • Brakes - The brakes and their associated systems will be checked for wear and measured.
  • Windshield, Rear Window and Side Glass - All of the glass windows will be examined for cracks or chips. While bothersome, over time they can become safety hazards. The wiper blades will also be looked at. Dry, cracked or deteriorating wiper blades are ineffectual during rainstorms and cause safety concerns.
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Identifying issues or areas of concern early allow you to prevent costly future repairs. This saves time, money and headaches. The added benefit is that you will see the results every time you drive or visit the gas pump. Ensuring the systems are operating at optimal levels will give you better performance, handling and fuel efficiency. If you can't make it to Columbus, there are service locations in Dublin, Marysville & Westerville, OH. The multi-point inspection puts you in charge of your car's care at Germain Ford of Columbus!

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