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So, you drove your new electric Ford vehicle into your Columbus, Ohio, driveway. You’re excited and you’re full of plans. However, you’re not sure of one major, yet minor, thing. What type of service does your new electric vehicle (EV) need?

On this page, you’ll discover links from Germain Ford of Columbus that will tell you exactly what your EV will need for the long haul. They’re conveniently arranged by town, so pick the one closest to your home.

Tire Service

Monitoring your EV’s tires for proper inflation and wear and tear will always be on your bucket list for service. They experience the most impact of any of your vehicle’s components. In fact, the extra weight of a EV battery may cause you to need to replace the tires a little earlier than you would for a traditional gas-powered car.

Make sure that you’re checking the tire pressure and scheduling tire rotations every six months to ensure even wear. The tread on the tires gives you traction when you’re driving. After a while, they may get too shallow, which will reduce the grip. Newer tires feature deep treads.

Brake Service

Your EV brakes will need brake fluid to run smoothly. The brake pads will need to be changed—but less often, when you drive an EV. Ford electric vehicle employ regenerative braking, so you’re creating energy to recharge the battery when you drive. Therefore, the brake pads will wear out at a slower rate.

Less brake usage may prompt another service. The brake calipers may need more lubrication to keep them operating smoothly.

Battery Service

Battery packs in EVs generally need very little maintenance, so it won’t be a concern. Mostly, you’ll be ensuring that it’s charged enough for you to make your daily commute or to tend to your usual errands.

To preserve and protect the battery, it’s best to keep your car in a garage or out of extreme temperatures. The climate you live in will make a difference as to how long the battery will last.

In extreme climates, you may need to replace the battery every eight years or every 100,000 miles. A battery can last 12 to 15 years in more moderate climates—that may be about the time you’re thinking about getting a new car, anyway.

Necessary Fluids, Filters, and Miscellaneous Service

You’ll be amazed at how little maintenance your Ford EV will require. One major service that you’ll never need again is an oil change. However, other fluid top-offs will still be necessary, including the brake fluid, the power steering fluid, and the transmission fluid.

Another fluid that you will need is windshield wiper fluid. You should also replace the windshield wipers on a regular basis.  

The cabin air filter reduces some of the allergens and other debris that may infiltrate your car. This should be changed at the proper intervals, so check out the owner’s manual or maintenance schedule to learn more about this.

Plus, you’ll need to ensure that your blinkers and other interior and exterior lights work well. That’s another service area that will still be on your list.

Schedule Electric Ford Service at Germain Ford of Columbus

Before you make plans to take out your new Ford EV, it’s best to know what services it needs. That way, you’ll be prepared to schedule services near Columbus, OH, and be able to monitor your car’s progress.

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