Ford Rear Axle Replacement Service

Rear Axle Replacement

Your vehicle's rear axle is one of two axles that are integral to the performance of your vehicle. The driveshaft connects to the transmission through CV joints, which are what transfers the torque from the transmission to the drive wheels. The CV joints are what allow the axle to bend and change while adjusting to the bounce of your vehicle's wheels and the axles bear the weight of your vehicle. The axles must be durable enough to sustain the forces of braking and accelerating.

Unfortunately, over time and with normal use, the axle as well as connecting components may require maintenance or rear axle replacement. Attempting to drive your vehicle in Columbus, OH with a bad rear axle won't get you very far, in fact without functioning axles, the wheels don't move at all

Signs the Rear Axles Need Attention

If you notice any of the following signs, it's essential that you take your vehicle to your local technician in Dublin, Marysville, or Westerville, OH as soon as possible. The signs of a failing axle may include:


Noticing vehicle vibrations after going over a pothole, hitting a curb or other objects, or after a collision may be the indication of damage to the axle. Along with vibrations, you may notice a rumbling noise under the vehicle, tire wobbling, or sluggish driving. Extreme vibrations may lead to other issues with your vehicle's handling, safety and comfort.

Loud Clicking, Clanking, or Clunking sounds

If you hear these sounds when putting your vehicle into gear or if it seems to struggle to get power when it begins to move, there is possible axle damage. These noises typically indicate that the transmission can't transfer power adequately to the wheels, which can lead to significant and expensive damages if the axels aren't replaced as soon as possible.

Leaking Grease

Leaking grease on the inside of the tire edge or underneath your vehicle may mean a leaking axle boot. This doesn't always mean that the axle has been damaged yet, however, it can cause failure to the axle if adequate grease isn't installed soon.

Inability to move

If your vehicle starts fine, goes into gear and the engine sounds good, but the vehicle won't move, it's likely due to a broken axel. The rear axle must be replaced by a professional technician in Columbus, OH before you can drive the vehicle.

Ford Maintenance

Rear Axle Service at Germain Ford of Columbus

It is not safe to drive your vehicle with a broken rear axle. If the axle fails completely while you are driving, you will most likely lose control of the vehicle, which may cause an accident. If the axle is completely broken before you start driving, you won't be able to even move the vehicle or the vehicle may not start. Delaying repairs or axle replacement can lead to significant damage to various parts of the vehicle, including the transmission. The best prevention is to have the axles routinely inspected by your technician. If you have a broken rear axle or suspect a problem with the axle, contact Germain Ford of Columbus in Columbus, OH to schedule replacement.

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