Motorcraft Brake Pads Service Special

What is Motorcraft Brake Pads Installation Service?

Your brake pads are integral components of your disc braking system in your vehicle. A disc brake causes a metal pad to clamp onto the brake disc when you apply the brake pedal

The friction between the two metal parts slows down your vehicle so you can stop properly. Brake pads wear down a tiny bit each time you step on the brake pedal until they are so worn they won't stop your vehicle.

Why Should I Have Brake Pads Installation Service?

Brake pads eventually wear down with use and then you need them replaced to stop your vehicle properly. The life of your brake pads depends on several factors such as the environment, your driving habits and the material they are made from. Your front brake pads wear about twice as fast as the rear brake shoes because the weight of your vehicle shifts to the front as you brake so front brakes have to work harder to stop your vehicle. Semi-metallic brakes have the longest lifespan for everyday driving.

What Happens If I Don't Have Brake Pads Installation Service Now?

Your brake pads will give you notice when they are wearing and need to be replaced. You may hear a squealing or grinding noise when you apply the brake pedal or your brake light on the dash of your vehicle may be illuminated. Another factor to consider is when it feels like you just aren't stopping as fast as you do normally. When you first notice any of these signs, you need to get your brake pads replaced right away. If you don't and the pads wear all the way through then you will also ruin your rotors by the metal on the calipers connecting with them. This can be an expensive fix when you would have only needed to have the brake pads replaced. You can also get into an accident if your brakes fail and you are in traffic.

Motorcraft Brakes

Choose the Professionals for Motorcraft Brake Pads Installation Service

You should only choose a professional Ford dealership such as Germain Ford of Columbus for brake pads installation service. They can guarantee a perfect fit with genuine Motorcraft parts as they have a large variety of Motorcraft replacement brake pads in stock at all times at their location in Columbus, OH. 

The highly skilled technicians can replace your brake pads in a very short time to get you back on the road and keep you safe. You can wait in the comfortable lounge with WiFi, watch TV and enjoy a cup of coffee while they service your vehicle or you can rent a vehicle in advance of your service. You may want to take advantage of the available pick up and drop off service instead. 

Germain Ford of Columbus has been a family-owned and operated business for over 65 years in Columbus to treat you like family. The Germain Auto Group is committed to the community through the Nationwide Children's Hospital, James Cancer Hospital, Ohio State University and many other organizations. You can visit any of the locations in Dublin, Marysville and Westerville, OH for fast and competent Motorcraft brake pad installation service.


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