Ford Full Synthetic Oil Change in Columbus, OH

Why Should You Have Maintenance Work Done at GermainĀ Ford of Columbus?

That's a great question! At Germain Ford of Columbus, we have everything you could ever need for auto care. We are family-owned and always put our customers first. We know and understand how frustrating it can be to wait for repairs to be made, so we updated our waiting lounge, which now includes Wi-Fi, coffee, and TV. Are you looking for auto services in Columbus, Ohio, Dublin, Marysville, or Westerville, Ohio? Come visit us today or schedule an appointment.


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Full Synthetic Oil Change Service

An oil change is required for the proper operation of your vehicle, especially if you want it to run smoothly and effectively. An oil change ensures your vehicle's metal parts do not grind together, creating friction. Synthetic oil is still oil, even though parts of it are man-made. Synthetic oil consists of powder additives and base oil. Carrier oil is also added to make sure the powder additives are distributed evenly. This type of oil was developed in 1929. Recommended oil change intervals are suggested by the manufacturer, and these intervals often vary. Many mechanics suggest changing your oil every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Why Should You Have An Oil Change Done

If you insist on waiting until the last minute to get your oil changed, you will be paying the price later. Oil for a car is like blood in your body. Your car can't survive without it. The metal parts in your car will rub together, creating friction and a variety of other problems. A locked engine is the last thing you want. A locked engine occurs when the internal metal parts of the engine, including the piston rings, rod bearings, and other parts of the engine weld together due to overheating. Well, getting an oil change safeguards the engine and its parts, making sure fresh and clean oil constantly flows through the engine to prevent your car from overheating.

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What Happens If You Don't Get an Oil Change Now?

Let's say you've been putting off getting an oil change for the last 10,000 miles. While that number may mean nothing to you, to your car and the oil, it means everything. It will not be long before your car quits on you due to the engine locking. Can an engine lock be fixed? Yes, an engine lock can be corrected, but that cost could be equal to or exceed $3,000! If you don't get an oil change, the engine's parts overheat, making your car less efficient, as well as making the parts of the engine become worn or warped. It's best for you to practice preventive maintenance to ensure your car is there to serve you for many years.

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