Ford Diesel Oil Change in Columbus, OH

Ford Diesel Oil Change Service

Oil is important to every motor. It lubricates, reduces friction and can clean the engine from contaminants.  This is true whether it is a gasoline or diesel engine. While the procedures to change the oil is similar on both types of engines, there are a few differences. The certified technicians at Germain Ford of Columbus can help you with the oil and oil filter changes that your diesel vehicle needs.


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Why Should I Use the Ford Diesel Oil Change Service?

Motors require maintenance in order to perform as they should. This regular maintenance, such as an oil and oil filter change, will also extend the life span of the engine. Vehicles that receive their scheduled maintenance demonstrate higher levels of performance, handling and fuel efficiency. The oil that is used in diesel engines has a different formulation that the oil used in gasoline engines. Also, it's important not to confuse 'diesel oil' with the engine oil. Diesel oil is another name for diesel fuel.

What Happens If I Don't Do It Now?

As vehicles are driven, the motor oil can be contaminated with pollutants and grime. Over time, this decreases it ability to effectively protect the engine's elements. This loss of viscosity and degradation of the oil effectively damages the motor. Dirty oil is just the start. Any drip of small leak will mean that there is not enough oil for the engine to operate correctly. Lack of oil can lead to complete engine failure.

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Why Should I have the Ford Diesel Oil Change at the Dealership?

While you should check your oil once a week, the manufacturer outlines a maintenance schedule for your vehicle in its owner's manual. It will tell you how often they recommend that the oil be changed and the type of oil most suited for that model. It is particularly important that you follow the oil change recommendations for a diesel engine. This is because the extreme heat and pressure that diesel engines generate cause their oil to get dirty more quickly. 

The professionals at Germain Ford of Columbus deliver the highest quality Ford service and maintenance. Whether you go to the main service center in Columbus, OH or to any of the other locations in Dublin, Marysville & Westerville, OH you can expect friendly, sound advice. Hang out in the lounge with a cup of coffee while they change your oil or catch the shuttle and get on with your day. These technicians work hard so that vehicle maintenance is easy!

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